Hey there! I'm Myra.


Learn with me!

Hey there! I'm Myra.

Ready to train your team to deliver the best possible customer experience, and re-direct intense interactions? Then you're in the right place.

Learn with Me.

Customer Service is hard work!

With empathy and a smile, customer support teams have to give bad news, deal with angry people, and de-escalate intense interactions. Your team - and you- deserve support, and it's my pleasure to serve YOU!

I've designed customer service training for some of the world's top brands, including Coca-Cola, Walmart, McDonald's, Michelin Tires, Frito-Lay, Salesforce, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm the creator of De-escalation Academy and Customer Service Master Class. 

My goal? Make YOUR life easier. Get your CSAT scores upaverage handle time downde-escalate and get customers to accept employees' words as final. 

Some of the Brands I've Trained


Customer Service Guru

I took Myra's LinkedIn class. I've been answering calls and working with call centers for 18 years. I was surprised to find that Myra's teaching corresponds and adds to my experience, also codifies call control and de-escalation. I recommend Myra's training to anyone wanting to learn the skills needed to be a professional call center representative or learn to deescalate and handle difficult calls.

- Scott Cardwell

My first job was at Kmart. 

I was 16. One night I stood less than two feet away from an angry customer who slapped my co-worker during a Blue-Light Special.

The slap turned into a full-on fight – over a denied merchandise return. Kmart showed me how quickly situations can escalate and how challenging customers can be. And in a lot of ways, my work in retail taught me what not to do in intense interactions.

I didn’t intentionally decide to make a career in customer service, but that’s precisely what happened over the years. While earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I worked for Walmart and JC Penney. By the time I finished college, I had six years of customer service experience. This resume, coupled with my newly earned master’s degree in Human Relations, landed me a job as Global Consumer Affairs Manager at the Thrifty Rent-a-Car System headquarters. At Thrifty, I ran a call center that handled nothing but complaints.

Ten Years Later, I Was Managing a Call Center And We Were Overwhelmed with Escalations

Ten years after I left retail, I was managing a call center and supporting a team of agents who handled heavy call volumes and difficult customers. Escalations were high. Burnout and turnover kept me retraining new staff. 

Reaching a breaking point with stress and overwhelm, I thought back to the Kmart fight and wondered, what provoked a customer to slap my co-worker, and what made customers cuss at my agents, and quickly escalate to a supervisor. 

I turned to a security guard, a guy my sister was dating at the time. I asked him how he asserted his authority, regained control, and de-escalated intense situations. I began talking to law enforcement and mental health professionals about bringing down the temperature in interactions. I sat down with an arbitration lawyer and studied the work of former international hostage negotiators. 

I was fascinated with the insights professional de-escalators gave me. Ultimately, I took everything I learned from the security guard, police officers, mental health professionals, and others and created my 3R De-escalation Method. 

My first 3R De-escalation Method workshop was in 1999 for my call center agents. Twenty-seven days after the first training, I saw results.

  • Average call handling time dropped by almost 2 minutes (104 seconds) – We know this was because our agents were able to get customers to cut to the chase and they remained in control of the call
  • Escalations took a nosedive. We didn’t have hard numbers for escalations, but the supervisor was much freer because she wasn’t spending as much time talking to customers who escalated
  • Hold times were reduced by 30% because call talk time was shorter and agents spent less time trying to reach the supervisor for escalated calls

I’m still conducting these hands-on workshops, with the same success. I’ve delivered my 3R De-escalation Method workshop to McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Nationwide Insurance, Ally Bank, Johnson & Johnson, and Verizon Wireless.


My 3R De-escalation Method is a Transformative Training Experience!

The 3R Model is the perfect approach to de-escalating intense interactions.


Highly Interactive Workshops

I'm most known for my highly interactive, fun workshops! I also facilitate super engaging and fun workshops online!

Learn with me.

I built Myra Golden Seminars to help frontline customer service professionals redirect intense interactions, regain control, and restore customer confidence after a service issue.

We’re known for our training that improves the sound, flow, and feel of customer interactions –so that your employees go back to work fully prepared and inspired to express the soul of your brand and assured in their ability to handle challenging customers.

For the left-brainers who don't like stories and like narrative, here's the "formal" bio.

Myra Golden is the founder of Myra Golden Seminars, LLC. She is a long time speaker and training partner to many Fortune 500 companies across the nation. She creates fun and engaging classes to teach her clients to give their customers the best possible experience.

Myra’s engaging approach to customer service training is loved by her clients. Many of her clients rave about her workshops, saying things like:

“I was very pleased with Myra’s presentation. But even more so, I was left with a sense of new energy and desire to put her recommendations to use. I can’t wait for Monday!” –– TIM O’LAUGHLIN, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY


Her impressive resume includes many of the world’s biggest companies, like:

Verizon Business
And many more…

Myra has both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in human relations, which she earned from the University of Oklahoma.

Before the start of Myra Golden Seminars—which came to be in 1999—Myra worked at Thrifty Car Rental as the Global Head of Consumer Affairs. Travel Agent Magazine hailed Myra a Top 100 Rising Star for leading her team to unprecedented customer recovery and customer loyalty in the hospitality industry.

When she’s not lighting up the service world, Myra is likely reading a book that makes her see differently, sipping Ethiopian coffee, or writing poetry.